What we don't Believe

What does Brea Center Baptist Church not believe?

Because Grace Covenant Community is often associated with other movements  To help clarify our beliefs we believe it may also be helpful to declare what we do not believe. In stating what we are not, we do not seek to attack those who disagree with us, but rather distinguish ourselves so that people considering joining our church are aware of who we are, as well as who we are not.

  • We are not liberals who embrace culture without discernment and compromise the distinctives of the gospel, but rather Christians who believe the truths of the Bible are eternal and therefore fitting and authoritative for every time, place, and people.
  • We are not fundamentalists who retreat from cultural involvement and transformation, but rather missionaries faithful both to the content of Scripture and context of ministry.
  • We are not isolationists and seek to partner with like-minded Christians from various churches, denominations and organizations in planting church-planting churches.
  • We are not hyper-Calvinists who get mired down in secondary matters, but rather pray, evangelize, and do good works because we believe that the sovereign plan of God (including proclaiming the "well-ment" offer of the gospel to everyone worldwide) is accomplished through us, His people.
  • We are not eschatological Theonomists or Classic Dispensationalists (e.g. Scofield) and believe that divisive and dogmatic certainty surrounding particular details of Jesus Second Coming are unprofitable speculation, because the timing and exact details of His return are unclear to us.
  • We are not egalitarians and do believe that men should head their homes and male elders should lead their churches with masculine love like Jesus Christ.
  • We are not Open Theists and believe in the sovereignty and foreknowledge of God in all things.
  • We are not religious relativists and do believe that there is no salvation apart from faith in Jesus Christ alone.
  • We are not nationalists seeking to simply improve one nation but instead ambassadors of the King of Kings commissioned to proclaim and demonstrate the coming of His kingdom to all nations of the earth.
  • We are not moralists seeking to help people live good lives, but instead evangelists laboring that people would become new creations in Christ.
  • We are not relativists and do gladly embrace Scripture (including its propositional truth statements) as our highest authority above such things as culture, experience, philosophy, and other forms of revelation (because it whole counsel of God world - the bible - corresponds to reality (Creation)). 
  • We are not Universalists and do believe that many people will spend eternity in the torments of hell as the Bible teaches.
  • We are not naturalists and do believe that Satan and demons are real enemies at work in this world and subject to God.
  • We are not rationalists and do believe that not everything can be known but that God calls us to live by faith with mystery and partial knowledge regarding many things.

  • We are not mere empiricists, mystics, or fideists and do believe in the central reformation and Biblical truth of Sola Scriptura in that God's revelation in Scripture must be preeminent in all our understanding and must take first position on the stage of truth.

  • We are not Humanists, and do believe that God is the origin of truth, justice, morals, meaning and beauty.

  • We are not natural theologians and do believe that Chrisitianity is an uniquely revealed truth that is sufficient to provide the basis for what to believe and how to live.

  • We are not autonomous secularists and do be believe that God (as revealed through His divine revelation) is the origin of truth, justice, morals, meaning, and beauty.

  • We are not neo-evangelical and do believe in proclaiming a thick gospel that will not be acceptable to all men.  (In otherwords, in our efforts to get men to accept the gospel, we do not make the gospel acceptable to men.  A half-truth presented as the whole truth becomes a non-truth.)

  • We are not "wider-grace" Evangelicals and do believe that salvation comes only to those in who have faith in Christ alone.  The lost (those without Chirst) will spend eternity in Hell as a just punishment for their sins.   

  • We are not reductionists and do believe in the use of reason, eperience emotions, tradition, and general revealtion under the authority of and subservient to God's unique revelation in the Bible which takes first place as we understand the world starting with God's understanding of creation and our understanding, expreience, feelings, and faith. 

  • We are not mere pragmatist and do believe that expositional preaching, Biblical theology, biblical Eccleseology, and Biblical Disciplemaking.

  • We are not neo-orthodox and do believe that the whole bible is the revelation of God whether or not one has a exetential experience with any passage.
  • We are not evangelical feminists and do believe that God reveals Himself as a Father and is to be honored by the names He reveals to us without apology.
  • We are not embarrassed by the bloody death of Jesus Christ and do believe He died as a substitute for the sins of His people in selfless love.
  • We are not ashamed and do proclaim a loving gospel of grace which sounds like foolishness and offensiveness to the unrepentant while also saving multitudes with ears to hear good news.
  • We are not polemicists who believe that it is our task to combat every false teaching but are passionate about preserving the integrity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We take an irenic approach.